By education I am a psychologist. In April 2015 he graduated from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Blog run from 26 June 2010.

Personally I'm loving wife, a wonderful man who supports me every day in my life decisions and co-creates with me this place. Besides addicted to drink coffee, I am sure with a little milk, read motivational books and still learn to be optimistic. In the future, I would like to travel more, take care of creating the image of individuals or companies and lead courses for women to support their personal development.

What is fashion for me?

Fashion is a vast area of ​​phenomena and processes with which almost everyone - consciously or unconsciously - in contact every day. Whether we like it or not, fashion plays in the functioning of individuals and societies role very important, since it involves not only the issues of clothing or cosmetics, but permeates all spheres reaching even where one would not expect: fashionable or unfashionable may be lifestyles, places where we spend holidays or where we play, but also interest in science, design solutions in engineering, design or electronic devices.

Some people are interested in fashion more, others less, but in my life it plays a special role, with it also binds their future career plans. The importance of fashion, I discovered a few years ago, when wanting to give their interests more tangible expression, I created a blog CAMMY.COM.PL. At first I treated the blog as something more personal, and therefore a kind of private space, the availability to the other - on the Internet, after all obvious - was a problem for me, difficult to overcome. Over time, however, I could see that fashion is widespread, affecting most aspects of the lives of other people, so I decided that with my blog I'll share with you thoughts and knowledge on the subject. My goal was to show and to prove that with the help of fashion, we can both do a lot and lose a lot when we remain totally insensitive to its mechanisms; We can also use it to express themselves and show others your personality. It is a truism to say that nowadays clothing no longer meets only protective functions, eg. Against the cold, but increasingly begins to express our character, belonging to a particular subculture or social group, and even the mood in which we find ourselves on a given day . Certainly so fashion is a cultural phenomenon that has its psychological and sociological aspect.